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Guaranteed Liquid Organic Aeration Services

Over time, your lawn will become compacted—this means that your grass won’t be able to grow as much as you’d like, possibly resulting in bald patches in your yard. Give your lawn a breath of fresh air with Ecolawn’s™ liquid organic aeration services!


Liquid Organic Aeration in Cleveland

A house in Cleveland Ohio area that receives lawn care from Ecolawn™

Lawn compaction is caused by a multitude of factors, such as children running and playing on the yard, high temperatures, heavy rains, and even home construction. When this happens, your soil will begin to deconstruct. At Ecolawn™, we know that deep roots are the foundation of a truly healthy lawn, which is why we offer liquid organic aeration services in Cleveland and the surrounding areas. 

The Benefits of Liquid Organic Aeration Services

Liquid organic aeration is the process of a liquid solution being sprayed on your lawn. This solution is organic and manually mixed by your lawn technician that day, meaning it hasn’t been sitting in a warehouse for months on end. When sprayed, the liquid organic aeration solution opens and creates channels from the top layer of soil to the bottom. In comparison to manual core aeration, liquid organic aeration provides complete coverage and better results. 

With liquid organic aeration services, your lawn will benefit from:

  • No more soil compaction or thatch buildup.
  • Proper oxygen, water, sunlight, and nutrient take-in.
  • The strength to fight off weeds from growing and lawn diseases from forming.

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How Do I Know if My Lawn Needs Aeration Services?

You may know what lawn aeration is, but can you spot when your lawn needs it? Since we can’t see soil, a lot of people think they won’t be able to notice the telltale signs of a compacted soil—Ecolawn™ is here to tell you that is a myth!

The following are signs your lawn is compacted and you need liquid organic aeration services:

  • Pools of water collecting after watering or heavy rainfall.
  • Water runoff.
  • Thin, bare, or patchy areas of grass.
  • When soil is too tough to stick signs, decor, or a shovel through.

Lawn Renovation for a New, Healthy Yard

If your lawn needs more than just a breath of fresh air, we also offer lawn renovation options to build you a healthy lawn from scratch. Our lawn renovation service includes aggressively aerating the lawn with a machine that exposes the soil. Then we apply the right blend of grass seed and starter fertilizer, so it fills in and is soft and thick. This process is almost like getting a whole new lawn, but at a fraction of the cost! 

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You Can Trust Our Guaranteed Services

At Ecolawn™, our mission is to provide you with the best liquid organic aeration services in order to bring your lawn back to life. It's critical because it's the best way to build the roots under your lawn into a strong foundation. Our company is based on customer service and satisfaction, meaning we create long-term relationships with our customers to help them have the best lawn possible.

Locally Owned Since 1977

For almost 45 years, we’ve been a locally-owned-and-operated lawn care company in Cleveland and the surrounding areas—and we’re proud of that! We’re passionate about providing our neighbors with a lawn they’ll love no matter what. When you partner with Ecolawn™, you can expect a team of licensed lawn technicians who have the best knowledge, education, and customer service skills to work with you in order to make your grass so soft, you’ll wiggle your toes in it!

We proudly provide liquid organic aeration services in the following areas:



Bring Your Lawn Back to Health with our Liquid Organic Aeration Services!

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