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Lawn Care Services with Guaranteed Results

Everyone wants a healthy lawn that they can show off to their friends and neighbors, but maintaining a perfectly manicured lawn takes time that most of us simply don’t have. At Ecolawn™, our lawn care program is scientifically designed to feed your lawn’s root system – building a strong foundation that becomes the backbone of your lawn. Our full-service lawn care program offers a standard that the competition can’t.


Professional Lawn Care in Cleveland

A beautiful, green front yard. Lawn care completed by Ecolawn™.

Your lawn is a complex ecosystem, and it requires the cooperation of many factors to keep it green and healthy all season long. The age of your lawn, soil type, turf type, shade, and watering practices all influence the success our lawn care program will have on your lawn. Because lawn care requires a scientific approach, it’s time to ditch the DIY efforts! You’ll end up saving both time and money by going with a professional lawn care company. 

A note from our owner on armyworms in Ohio:

Bronze Package

Most Popular

  • 5 balanced fertilizer treatments
  • Organic nutrients
  • Selective weed control
  • Crabgrass pre-emergent

Silver Package

Most Popular

  • 6 balanced fertilizer treatments/weed control
  • Organic nutrients
  • Crabgrass pre-emergent
  • 2 surface insect treatments
  • Complimentary service calls

Gold Package

Most Popular

  • 6 balanced fertilizer treatments
  • Selective guaranteed weed control
  • 2 Crabgrass pre-emergent controls
  • 2 surface insect treatments
  • Complimentary service calls
  • Organic nutrients

Year-Round Treatment for the Best Results

Ecolawn™ is the number-one lawn care company in Cleveland. After 42 years of serving our neighbors, we’ve based our lawn care program around what services we know will best help your lawn in our climate. Please note that we do not provide mowing or landscaping services—our lawn care program focuses on the soil's roots in order to bring you a luscious, healthy lawn.

Our year-round lawn care program includes:

  • Lawn fertilization service
  • Weed control
  • Crabgrass protector
  • Insect control
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Organic products 
  • A satisfaction guarantee
  • And more!

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Organic Lawn Care from Highly Trained Lawn Technicians 

Our goal is to give you a healthy, green lawn – though our top priority is to keep your family safe. At Ecolawn™, we only use top-quality professional products that have been approved by the EPA for use on home lawns, and we apply them with expert precision. When we need to use products that require extra maintenance or care, our team will always leave you with safety instructions. You can trust that our highly trained and licensed lawn technicians will provide you with the best-looking lawn at no cost to your loved ones or the environment.

Add-On Treatments Give Your Yard a Boost

If your yard needs more than just a little TLC, we’ve got you covered there, too. From lawn fertilization service to lawn renovation, we do it all! Ecolawn™ offers an extensive list of add-on treatments that can get your yard looking picture-perfect in no time.

Grub Control for Lawns

Grubs are white, C-shaped beetle larvae that can wreak havoc on a healthy lawn. They do this by eating your lawn's roots, causing sections of your lawn to die. It's rare you'll see the actual grubs themselves—more than likely, you'll notice a lackluster-looking lawn in the summer months. Our grub control treats and prevents grubs from hatching and feeding on grass' roots and other organic matter in your lawn.

When to apply grub control in Ohio:

  • When you see wildlife such as raccoons, skunks, or birds digging up your yard.
  • When there are dead patches in your yard.
  • When turf pulls back like loose carpet.
  • When your lawn feels spongy.

Dandelion Control

A dandelion is a yellow flower-looking weed—they're stubborn and always seem to stay in your yard no matter how many you pull out yourself. That's actually the problem! You should never pull your own weeds out of your yard! The only way to truly eliminate dandelions is by professional dandelion control. Our lawn technicians treat dandelions during our regularly scheduled weed control and lawn care treatments.

Weed Control in Landscape Beds

Don't let stubborn weeds wreck your landscape! As an add-on to our eco-friendly lawn care program, our team can spot treat your landscape beds and gardens to keep them weed-free all season long. Our four-step treatment program can help eliminate even the most stubborn weeds and prevent them from returning.

Lawn Disease Control Services

Lawn diseases form when fungus grows, which is typically after a heavy rain during the humid summer months. There are many types of lawn diseases that have different signs, but they all have the same outcome: they damage the long-term health of your turf. Our add-on lawn disease control services include the treatment and elimination of all present fungi. With Ecolawn™ on your side, the disease won’t be able to grow again next season, meaning your lawn is healthy again for the long-haul!

Our lawn disease control treats for diseases such as:

  • Dollar spot disease—identified by circular, yellow or sometimes white patches.
  • Brown patch disease—identified by irregular-sized brown patches.
  • Leaf spot disease—identified by thin, yellow turf. 
  • Red thread disease—identified by red or tan lines in grass blades or leaves.
  • Necrotic ring spot—identified by a ring-shaped patch of dead or dying grass.

Need pest control for your lawn? We can take care of that, too!

Guaranteed Lawn Care that Blows the Competition Away

Not all lawn care programs are created equal. At Ecolawn™, we don’t treat lawn care like a commodity. Instead, we focus on an effective program and exceptional customer service that goes above and beyond what chain lawn care companies can provide.

For 40+ years, we’ve been helping homeowners just like you achieve beautiful lawns. Many of our customers find us after hearing from friends and neighbors about the healthiest, greenest grass they’ve ever experienced, and they stay with us for years because we offer comprehensive, personalized, and scientifically proven lawn care that the competitors can’t.

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Free Re-Treatments to Make Sure You're Completely Satisfied 

Providing the best lawn care includes the best service—for us, that means offering a satisfaction guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you’re dissatisfied with service or the results of your lawn, give us a call at 440-953-9100we will re-treat at no additional cost to you!

Customized Lawn Care in Ohio

When you choose Ecolawn™, you’re choosing expert lawn technicians who know exactly what your lawn needs to thrive in every season. We adjust our custom fertilization service year-round in response to the Ohio climate and conditions to keep your lawn looking its best at all times. 

We proudly offer our lawn care in Cleveland and the surrounding areas, including:

Ready for grass so green, you’ll wiggle your toes in it?

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