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Ecolawn™ provides lawn care in Mentor, Painesville, Eastlake, and all cities surrounding Cleveland. Our goal is to give you a lawn so luscious, you'll want to wiggle your toes in it! All our services are eco-friendly and scientifically proven to give you a healthier lawn, from root to tip. Learn more about our services below and see how Ecolawn™ can help you today! 

Please note that we do not provide mowing, landscaping, or tree trimming services.

Our Ohio Lawn Services

A house in Cleveland Ohio area that receives lawn care from Ecolawn™

Liquid Organic Aeration

Lawn compaction is caused by a multitude of factors, such as children running and playing on the yard, high temperatures, heavy rains, and even home construction. When this happens, your soil will...Learn more
A beautiful, green front yard. Lawn care completed by Ecolawn™.

Lawn Care

Looking for an eco-friendly solution for a healthier, greener lawn? Our science-based lawn care program makes your turf healthier, root to tip!Learn more
A backyard of an Ohio home. The grass is green and healthy. Ecolawn™ provides tree care and shrub care to this homeowner.

Tree & Shrub Care

Our tree and shrub care in Cleveland is built to restore nutrients and health to your trees and shrubs and protect them all season long.Learn more
Get pest control in Cleveland by Ecolawn™ as well as lawn care!

Pest Control

Our pest control services give you prompt and effective reinforcement, keeping spiders, ants, and other pests outside – where they belong!Learn more