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Are You Ready For The Lawn of Your Dreams?

Obtaining and maintaining a vibrant, healthy lawn takes hard work. Lucky for you, our Shaker Heights lawn care experts are here to do it so you don’t have to!

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Personalized Care

I have total trust in you. You are very reliable and care about the people you service! Compared to another company, you see me as an individual and meet my needs! 

Lawn Care in Shaker Heights

The key to a thriving backyard landscape is a strong foundation. That is why at Ecolawn, our lawn care services in Shaker Heights are designed to nourish your lawn’s root system resulting in healthier grass from root to tip. We use a scientific approach to our Shaker Heights lawn care, making sure your lawn always receives the nutrients it needs to prosper all year long. With over 40 years of experience, you can be sure you are working with the best!

Customized Solutions For Every Lawn

No two lawns are the same and we will never treat yours as such. Our lawn care services in Shaker Heights always start with a free initial lawn analysis by one of our lawn care experts. This analysis will provide us with a better understanding of your grass, current soil condition, yard use, and any personal concerns you may have for your lawn.

From here, our expert Shaker Heights lawn care technicians will develop and recommend a customized treatment plan. The best part? Our custom fertilizer blends are adjusted year-round ensuring your lawn is always receiving exactly what it needs when it needs it. Throughout the year your lawn will be treated with:

  • Organic nutrients
  • Crabgrass protector
  • Broadleaf weed and insect control
  • And more!

An Environmentally and Family Friendly Approach

Our team at Ecolawn is dedicated to providing you with the healthiest lawn possible while always having your loved ones in mind. We don’t rely on synthetic or harsh chemicals instead, our lawn care in Shaker Heights utilizes organic and EPA-approved products.

Any Ecolawn technician that treats your yard has been properly trained and knows how to apply formulas with expert precision. If for any reason your lawn needs to be treated with products that require extra attention or safety precautions after we leave, we will always leave behind detailed, step-by-step instructions.

Sometimes depending on your turf’s age, the type of soil and grass seed in your lawn, and/or mowing and watering practices, we may be able to offer additional services to help maximize your results. If you ever have any questions, our lawn care technicians in Shaker Heights are friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to share their expertise.

It’s Time To Give Your Lawn What It Needs!

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