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Achieve the Most Beautiful Lawn on the Block

You don’t get a flawless lawn by chance. At Ecolawn, Inc. we use the most effective, science-based formulas to transform lawns from dreary to dreamy all across Novelty.

Scientifically Proven

Environmentally Friendly

Personalized Care

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Lawn Care in Novelty

At Ecolown Inc., we have been studying the science of lawn care in Novelty for nearly 40 years. Each lawn is different from the next, so we believe our lawn treatments should be, too. We design each Novelty lawn treatment to meet the specific needs of your yard. Every service you receive from us will be different than the last; we are not a “one-size-fits-all” company.  Our Novelty lawn care program includes:

  • Tree and shrub care
  • Crabgrass protector
  • Broadleaf weed control
  • Insect control
  • Organic nutrients 
  • And more!

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Seasonal Treatments Designed Specifically For Your Lawn In Novelty

Here at Ecolawn, we have lawn care in Novelty down to a science. Hundreds of factors go into successfully taking care of your lawn and one of the most important factors is seasonality. Your lawn needs different things in each season. At Ecolawn, we designed our lawn treatments in Novelty to specifically meet the needs of your lawn, no matter what month it is. Our seasonal treatments go like this:

Spring: We apply fertilizer and crabgrass protector to keep your lawn full and vibrant. We also utilize insect and broadleaf weed control to protect your lawn.

Summer: We spread fertilizer and organic matter on the lawn to offset heat damage, eliminate weeds, and stop insect damage and disease. 

Fall: We stimulate root growth with organic matter in addition to treating grass and broadleaf weeds. We also supply the lawn with nutrients before winter so it can be healthy and thriving in the following spring!

At Ecolawn, we will have your lawn looking fresh and green in every season!

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Tree & Shrub Care For A Beautiful Lawn All Around

Here at Ecolawn, our treatments don't stop at your lawn. We provide shrub and tree care in Novelty, too. Neglecting your ornamentals is a common mistake that negatively affects the appearance of your yard. However, we have the treatments that will spruce up your trees and shrubs in no time. When you partner with us for Novelty tree and shrub care, you can expect a customized treatment plan that includes:

  • Dormant oil treatment that seals in moisture and eliminates insect eggs before they hatch to avoid the use of pesticide later in the year.
  • Ornamental fertilizer to improve the life-span and overall health of your shrubs in early spring.
  • Three recurring visits so our Novelty lawn care experts can treat potentially-dangerous insect threats on your plants.
  • Deep root tree feeding so your trees can stock up on much-needed nutrients during the harsh winter months.

Our Novelty tree and shrub care treatments are scientifically proven to be successful. With Ecolawn on your side, the appearance and health of your ornamentals will drastically improve.

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Novelty Pest Control

Finding insects or household pests inside your home is never a pleasant experience. Here at Ecolawn, we know how uncomfortable it can be to deal with an infestation alone. That’s why we’re dedicated to ridding you of your pest problem quickly and efficiently, so you and your family can enjoy long-lasting peace of mind. We take pride in not only providing our customers with top-notch service but also by utilizing family-friendly treatments to ensure the safety of your children and pets.

Our pest specialists in Novelty are trained to protect your home by:

  • Inspecting the outside of your home for common entry points to determine where pests may be gaining access to your home.
  • Applying a specially-formulated liquid treatment, targeting strategic areas around the perimeter.
  • Scheduling 4 follow-up visits, every 5-6 weeks - ensuring pests stay gone all season long.

With our pest control treatments, your home receives an invisible layer of outside security - so you can be confident that pests aren’t infiltrating your space, no matter the time of day or the season!

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High Quality, Eco-Friendly Products

At Ecolawn, we are committed to quality. In addition to providing our customers with the best lawn services in Novelty, we strive to be responsible while doing it. We always use organic-based, EPA-approved products that are family- and pet-friendly. Our Novelty lawn care experts are highly-trained and committed to safety. We will always leave you with instructions if we have to apply a product that requires extra caution. We strive to provide the high-quality lawn care services that our customers expect!

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