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The Best Lawn Care in Mayfield Heights

With the professionals at Ecolawn™ on your side, building the lawn of your dreams doesn't have to be out of reach. We offer quality lawn care in Mayfield Heights to help make your dream lawn a reality! 


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Free Re-Treatments Guaranteed

If you're unhappy after your scheduled service, we will come back and re-treat for free!

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Environmentally Friendly

We don't fall back on quick fixes or synthetic formulas. Instead, we use organic-based products to give you lush, green grass that stands the test of time.

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Locally Owned for 40+ Years

​As a locally owned team, we offer the kind of exceptional care that you simply won't find with a large chain. We treat your lawn like we'd treat our own! 

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Lawn Care in Mayfield Heights

Quality lawn care isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why our lawn care in Mayfield Heights is designed to give your lawn exactly what it needs, exactly when it needs it. By tailoring our services to accommodate for changes in temperature, sun exposure, seasonal pests, and more, our lawn care experts are able to fortify your lawn for healthy growth all year long. With Ecolawn™, you’ll have grass so soft, you’ll wiggle your toes in it!

When you partner with us for your lawn care in Mayfield Heights, you can expect:

  • Seasonal applications 
  • Year-round granular nutrient and broadleaf weed control applications
  • EPA-approved products
  • Lawn fertilization
  • Crabgrass protector
  • Insect control
  • Lawn disease management
  • Optional add-on treatments like grub control and seasonal aeration
  • Note that we do not perform lawn mowing or landscaping services—just healthy treatments for the grass' soil and roots!

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Free Re-Treatments Guaranteed

As a locally owned lawn care company, we’ve done so well because of our dedication to customer satisfaction. Our lawn care in Mayfield Heights is backed by a free re-treatmet guaranteed—if you’re unhappy after your scheduled service, we will re-treat at no additional charge!

Mosquito Control in Mayfield Heights

Mosquitos are not only bothersome with their constant buzz and irritating bites, but dangerous—they are known to transmit harmful diseases like Zika virus, West Nile virus, and more. If mosquitos are ruining your enjoyment of the outdoors and threatening your household’s health, it’s time to take action. Call Ecolawn™ today for premium mosquito control in Mayfield Heights. You can trust our mosquito control experts to present you with just the solution that you need. 

When you partner with Ecolawn™ for Mayfield Heights mosquito control, we provide the following services:

  • A thorough inspection to locate low, marshy areas where mosquitoes are drawn and areas where over-watering may lead to surges in mosquito population.
  • Liquid applications to eliminate adult pest populations in your backyard.
  • Prevention of a growth in population by reducing breeding grounds.
  • EPA-approved treatments to protect your household AND the environment!

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Flea and Tick Control in Mayfield Heights 

Fleas and ticks may be tiny, but they are mighty. With a single bite, these small pests can inflict harmful diseases like Powassan virus and Lyme disease. If you want your yard to be a place safe for kids and pets to play, you need protection from fleas and ticks. Luckily, the experts at Ecolawn™ are right around the corner from you and ready to provide you with professional flea and tick control in Mayfield Heights! With over 40 years of experience servicing lawns in Ohio, our experts are able to quickly identify the causes of your infestation and eliminate those pests from your yard with effective and eco-friendly flea control and tick control. 

Tree and Shrub Care in Mayfield Heights

While your lawn is important, the plants that frame it are just as valuable. To make your yard robust and healthy from all angles, we also offer tree and shrub care in Mayfield Heights. As your local tree care specialist, we know how to nurture ornamentals, veteran trees and the variety of shrubs you’ve worked so hard to foster.

Our tree care in Mayfield Heights includes:

  • Applying tree fertilizer in the spring to spur your trees into a productive growing season.
  • Recurring tree care visits throughout the spring, summer, and fall. These align with regular lawn care, saving you time and money!
  • Protecting dormant trees in the fall with a special oil that seals in moisture and suffocates insect eggs before they hatch.
  • Feeding key nutrients to the deep root structure of ornamentals in the autumn to help them weather the brisk Ohio winters.

We back our tree and shrub care in Mayfield Heights with more than 40 years of expertise, as well as a tree service guarantee.

Liquid Aeration in Mayfield Heights 

Aeration is a key part of effective lawn control and will help to keep your lawn healthy. Over time, the soil in your lawn becomes compressed and filled with debris and thatch which makes it more difficult for your grass to get the nutrients it needs to grow. Whereas conventional aeration services leave large clods of soil on your lawn, Ecolawn’s organic liquid aeration service is the modern solution that provides a greater area of effect without any lawn damage. 

As part of Ecolawn’s aeration services in Mayfield Heights, you can expect: 

  • Soil compaction reduction or even complete elimination to allow better nutrient absorption. 
  • Greater sunlight and water absorption to allow for stronger root and grass growth. 
  • Increased resistance to lawn disease, keeping your grass strong all year round. 
  • Stronger and longer-lasting grass, guaranteed! 

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Locally Owned and Operated Lawn Services 

For over 40 years, the experts at Ecolawn™ have been providing customer-centered lawn care in Mayfield Heights to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams! As a locally owned lawn care company, we work hard to make sure our services are family-friendly and stress-free, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your beautiful lawn. Taking care of your lawn is a difficult task, when you trust it to the professionals, you can expect the greatest of care. All of our lawn services are fully guaranteed and with our exceptional customer service staff, rest assured we will always be there to help. 

Ready for the Lawn of your Dreams?

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