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Invest in a Lawn That is Healthy and Beautiful

Want a lawn that stands out from the rest? With the help of our lawn care in Eastlake, our technicians will bring your lawn back to life and keep it that way. Invest in your lawn today to get the healthy grass you’ve always wanted.

Scientifically Proven

Environmentally Friendly

Personalized Care

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Lawn Care in Eastlake

With over 35 years of lawn care experience, we are confident that our services will provide you with the lawn that you have always wanted. Our Eastlake lawn care program is designed to remove weeds, provide custom blended fertilizers, organic nutrients, and more! You won’t have to use up any more evenings and weekends struggling with your lawn care. When you join forces with our knowledgable lawn care technicians in Eastlake, you invest in effective, long-term lawn health and care.

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Treatments Customized for Your Needs

Although we all live in the same neighborhood, we all have different lawns. We understand that every property is unique and have varying soil composition, exposure to sun, and other needs. This is why our lawn care in Eastlake focuses on providing flexible treatments and services depending on the conditions of your lawn. Whatever your grass needs, we have it.

First, our lawn care experts in Eastlake will perform a lawn analysis to determine what your grass needs. This analysis helps point out the current soil condition and yard-use. Next, we will recommend a custom lawn care treatment plan based on our lawn analysis. This typically includes a unique fertilizer blend and various treatments. Depending on your lawn’s needs, we may also recommend:

  • Broadleaf weed control
  • Insect control
  • Organic nutrients
  • Crabgrass protector
  • And more!

Our Eastlake lawn care program also offers additional services for lawns that need a little extra care. We provide grub control, seasonal aeration and seeding services, and weed management for landscape beds. If you believe your lawn needs any of the following, let us know! Our lawn professionals in Eastlake will always keep you up-to-date on the needs of your lawn and any recommendations we may have to improve its health.

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Eco-Friendly & Organic Lawn Care Solutions

Our Eastlake lawn care technicians provide services that are not only of high quality but also safe. Many of the products we utilize on your lawn rely on all-organic nutrients rather than synthetic formulas. Our formulas have been approved by the EPA and tested to meet our very own company standards. If we ever feel the need to use a product that requires more safety precautions because of the conditions of your yard, we will provide you with detailed instructions that clarify how to properly use it. We vow to always keep you in the loop with all of our procedures!

With Ecolawn, you won’t have to debate over whether you want a healthy lawn or environmentally-friendly options. You can take steps towards a more green and sustainable lawn and life when choosing our Eastlake lawn care.

Trustworthy Local Services

As a locally-owned and operated lawn care company in Eastlake, our team focuses on providing our neighbors with the best services on the market. Our team is highly trained and fully licensed to provide you with expert detail and care, every time. Your property deserves not only attention to detail but also top-notch treatments that are safe for you and your family and pets. Our lawn care in Eastlake provides you with both. Whether you need custom lawn care in Eastlake, tree & shrub care, or protection from lawn pests, our company has you covered! Invest today to get the lawn you’ve always dreamed of!

Ready for a lawn that stands out from the rest?

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