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Get the Beautiful Lawn You’ve Always Wanted

Are you ready to have a gorgeous and healthy lawn? Let Ecolawn help! We offer lawn care in Beachwood that will transform your yard before your eyes.

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Personalized Care

Our lawn looks phenomenal. Don's program really works!


Lawn Care in Beachwood

Here in Ohio, we get to experience both cold winters and hot summers. Over time, the extreme temperatures can be tough on your yard. However, we offer lawn care in the Beachwood area that will make sure your yard is healthy and vibrant in every season! Our Beachwood lawn care program consists of seasonal treatments to ensure your yard is receiving proper, timely applications. When you partner with us for our lawn care program, here’s what to expect:

  • Spring: Fertilizer services, crabgrass protector, broadleaf weed treatments, and insect control to make your yard looks its best.
  • Summer: Fertilizer treatments, organic matter applications, weed control, and insect control to make sure your lawn stays healthy in the heat.
  • Fall: Organic matter applications and broadleaf & grass weed control to ensure your yard is prepared for winter dormancy.

Add-On Services For Your Convenience

In addition to general lawn care in Beachwood, we also offer several other add-on services to get your yard looking its best. Some of our additional services include:

  • Grub Control
  • Seasonal Aeration
  • Weed Management in landscape beds
  • And more!

Our Beachwood lawn care technicians can include the add-on services with your regular lawn care treatment. Lawn care shouldn’t be complicated - and with Ecolawn, it won’t be.

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Get A Landscape You Are Proud Of

Are you spending top dollar on lawn care services and still not pleased with the look of your landscape? You’re not alone! Ecolawn offers tree and shrub care services in Beachwood that are designed to keep your trees and shrubs looking their best all year long.

Ecolawn’s trained specialists have been helping homeowners improve their landscapes in Ohio for over 35 years! Our tree and shrub care in Beachwood is designed to restore nutrients necessary for healthy growth and help fight off harmful insects. We offer a variety of treatment programs that are built around your needs and the seasonal needs of your ornamentals. A few of the tree and shrub care treatments in Beachwood that Ecolawn offers are:

  • Dormant Oil Treatment
  • Ornamental Fertilizer
  • Regular Visits During the Growing Season
  • Deep Root Tree Feeding

Hassle-Free Treatment

Our Beachwood tree and shrub care treatments are always hassle-free and safe for the family. We also save you time and money by aligning our tree and shrub care services with your regular lawn care service visits. On top of that, we are offering New Customer Savings, $30 off when you refer a friend, and pre-pay discounts.

If you are ever dissatisfied, give us a call at 440-953-9100 so we can make it right! Here at Ecolawn, our customers are always our priority and we are dedicated to treating them as such.

Eco-Friendly Lawn Treatments

Here at Ecolawn, we care about the environment! That’s why our Beachwood lawn care applications are organic-based and EPA-approved. Our treatments are always low-risk for your family and pets. highly trained lawn technicians apply each formula with expert precision. In the unlikely event we have to use a formula that requires extra care or precaution after we leave, a Beachwood lawn care expert will leave behind thorough instructions. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands with Ecolawn!

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