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The Best Lawn Care in Bainbridge

If you want the neighborhood to marvel at your lawn, it’s going to need a little help. At Ecolawn, we help your lawn be at its best all year. Discover everything we can do for you and get the lawn you’ve always dreamt of.

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Free Re-Treatments Guaranteed

If you're unhappy after your scheduled service, we will come back and re-treat for free!

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Environmentally Friendly

We don't fall back on quick fixes or synthetic formulas. Instead, we use organic-based products to give you lush, green grass that stands the test of time.

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Locally Owned for 40+ Years

​As a locally owned team, we offer the kind of exceptional care that you simply won't find with a large chain. We treat your lawn like we'd treat our own! 

I love Ecolawn™. Our lawn looks great and I know I can always depend on great customer service.


Lawn Care in Bainbridge

Your lawn is so much more than just a patch of grass. It’s an interdependent ecosystem that needs many components functioning at a high level to achieve the sorts of results you want. At Ecolawn, we treat each aspect of a healthy lawn with the utmost care and attention it requires. Don’t settle for lawn care in Bainbridge that simply makes your yard look good. Instead, choose a company whose lawn care professionals put in the work to give you the lawn you want every time!


Our lawn care includes:

  • Full lawn fertilization service. 
  • Protection from weeds, insects, and crabgrass. 
  • A complimentary lawn consultation. 
  • Eco-friendly lawn care products.
  • Customized plant treatments based on what you have in your yard.
  • A complete satisfaction guarantee.
  • And much more!

Included Lawn Analysis

Before we start on your lawn, we get down to the chemical level to find out exactly what it needs. Our lawn analysis is included with every lawn care package we offer and helps us give your lawn the tailored care it deserves. We’ll investigate solid acidity and chemical makeup, shade levels, grass varieties, and much more to create a personalized lawn care plan just for you! No other lawn care company can promise such a high level of care so choose the best when it comes time to give your lawn a boost. 

Tree Care in Bainbridge

When it comes to the overall beauty and health of your yard, trees are just as important as grass. Better still, tall, healthy trees can actually benefit your wallet in addition to your yard. It’s true! A yard full of mature ornamentals can add as much as 20% to your home’s resale value! Knowing that, why wouldn’t you entrust your trees to the experts? Our tree care in Bainbridge is hassle-free and results in gorgeous trees that you can count on to stay healthy for years to come. 

Our tree care includes:

  • Dormant oil treatments to prevent harmful insect larvae from hatching when the weather gets warm. 
  • Fertilizer treatments for robust and sustained growth.
  • Custom-designed formulas to tailor each tree care product to your yard’s specifications. 
  • Deep root tree fertilizers that increase the nutrient uptake of even the most mature specimens. 
  • And more!


Perimeter Pest Control in Bainbridge

It’s, unfortunately, true that a lush yard can attract pests and that sometimes, these pests can get into your home. At Ecolawn we’ve developed the perfect solution! When your home is protected by our perimeter pest control in Bainbridge, nuisance pests will stay outdoors where they belong. Pests like ants, spiders, cockroaches, and even fleas all use your yard as a waystation en route to your house. Stop them in their tracks and force them to find a different home to torment with a little help from the local experts. 

When you have our perimeter pest control, you can expect:

  • A thorough inspection around your home to identify pest entryways. 
  • Securing vulnerable areas like vents and plumbing and heating service points. 
  • Repairs of cracks and openings in your home’s foundation and siding. 
  • Return service every 5-6 weeks. 
  • And much more! 


Mosquito Control in Bainbridge

Mosquitos are a pest that can ruin your enjoyment of spending your time outdoors. If the bites weren’t bad enough, the fact that they can carry a number of potentially harmful diseases such as Malaria, Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, and many more is. Protect your home and your loved ones with us here at Ecolawn with our mosquito control in Bainbridge. Our outdoor pest control not only deals with any mosquito problem but also covers fleas and ticks as well! 

What you can expect from our mosquito control solutions: 

  •  Free inspection to discover breeding grounds and hiding places. 
  •  Recurring visits to ensure that any problem is dealt with thoroughly.
  •  Eco friendly treatments by trained exterminators approved by the EPA. 
  •  Season long protection from all mosquitos, fleas, and ticks. 

Trust an Experienced Lawn Care Company

For over 40 years, we at Ecolawn have provided lawn care across Ohio and have gotten results that last to this day. During our decades of experience, we’ve developed ironclad systems that we guarantee to give you the beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted. There’s a reason we’ve made it this far and we’d love to show you exactly how we can help your lawn reach its potential. So when you need a locally-owned and operated lawn care company, look to Ecolawn!

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